Broken Things

My poor laptops.  Somehow corners always end up broken off and keys missing.  I claim it’s because I love them so much – I take them everywhere.  Like a writer’s security blanket.

However, my dear laptop is at the computer doctor getting all fixed up, which is why today’s blog post will be visual.

Happy Weekend!!


Possibly the cutest picture ever taken.


An awesome glass AND awesome drink? Yes.


My man rockin’ out.


You Can’t Always Get What You Want

I admit, I listen to talk radio sometimes.  It mainly started as my daily afternoon with Clark Howard, but soon it evolved to a morbid curiosity of sorts, and the voices of Neil Boortz, Shawn Hannity, and now Rush Limbaugh float over the airwaves into my car each day.

This is where I get a lot of my blogging ideas.

This is also why I think I’ll need blood pressure medication when I get older.

It’s baffling to me that such a stubborn attitude can be so pervasive in a society.  It’s amazing that people can be so narrow minded, so close minded, and so entitled, all at once.  I learned a long time ago that there will always be people who disagree with you.  But I do not, nor have I ever, had the right to impose my person belief system onto someone else.

(This is certainly not what they taught us in elementary, middle, and high school.  Southern Baptists, ftw)

Do you have the right to believe what you want?  Of course.  Do you have the right to force me to agree with you, put me down because I see things differently, or otherwise make me feel less intelligent because we happen to disagree?  No.  Never.

To me, to be part of a society means working together towards a common goal.  Maybe you don’t always agree, but once elections are over the idea should be to get down to it and solve the problems.  Work together, compromise, and figure out a way to live up to our name – the UNITED States.

I’m not sure exactly what I’m trying to say; there are many thoughts and tangents floating through my head.  Maybe this will be a twofer.

Readers, tell me what you think.  Whether it has to do with this post or not!

Ah, Friday

Tonight, it’s jalapeno margarita night.

Stop making faces and saying eww.  You can’t say it’s not good unless you try it.

And I make delicious ones.  Come over, there’s plenty!

However, I’m yet to eat dinner, so this might be interesting.  Good thing I’m getting this blog out of the way before something tipsy happens!

I’ve been tired this week; lots of stressful work things and stupid people and random aches and pains add up to a happily drinking Laura.  Tomorrow I’m running errands, spraying for bugs, going to the pool with Sarah and having dinner with mom.  It’s going to be a good weekend.

I’m loving summer more and more as the years go on.  After making the decision to embrace new things and jump out of my comfort zone, the hot, humid, annoying time of year that I’ve always hated has somewhat endeared itself to me.  And though technically this is the first day of summer, it’s felt like it already for awhile.

I have a list of activities I want to complete before the brisk winds of Fall arrive.  I have recruited a few friends to assist me; it’s now time to start.  The activities include Stone Mountain, tubing, visiting Dante’s Down the Hatch before it closes (sadface), enjoying the best margaritas in Atlanta at Pazole, and going to the pool.  Amongst other things.  It’s summer, and time to do adventurous and fun things!

(I think we’re also going to play putt putt golf).

Readers, what exciting things are filling your summer days and nights?

Writing Wednesday, 2

Instead of something I wrote, this week we will dive into a song written by the talented and hilarious Chuck Cannon.  This is songwriting, folks.  This is what is should be.

Well, there’s only one road running through these parts
It pretty much stops right where it starts
It goes nowhere ‘cept around and around
I ain’t ever gonna get outta this town

Well, the train pulled out and it never came back
There’s weeds growing up through the rusty old track
And planes fly over but they never touch down
I ain’t ever gonna get outta this town

There’s this dream that I’ve been dreaming now for years
Where I fly into the sun and disappear…

I got an old Chevy Nova sittin’ up on blocks
Bunch of greasy old parts in a cardboard box
I got her runnin’ one time but she broke back down
I ain’t ever gonna get outta this town

I’ve been stealing Jenny’s kisses since 11th grade
And there ain’t no runnin’ from the love we made
Now we’re shopping for a stroller and a wedding gown
I ain’t ever gonna get outta this town
I ain’t ever gonna get outta this town

Well we buried my daddy, sing Amazing Grace…
Preacher said now he’s in a better place…
Well, I couldn’t help thinking as we put him in the ground…
I ain’t ever gonna get outta this town
I ain’t ever gonna get outta this town.

Glorious Weekend

Happy Monday, readers!!  I’m sad the weekend is over, for it was full of joyous things.  For instance:

Friday:  Ryan’s birthday!  Chicken wings for lunch!  Chuck Cannon at the Red Clay Theater!

Saturday: Lunch with Drej and Sarah!  Ryan’s band’s final performance!  The Majestic Diner!

Sunday:  Cleaning!  Grocery!  Lists!

Well, that last day isn’t so fun, but it’s satisfying to have a clean house.

I’d also like to wish Ryan a Happy Not-A-Father’s-Day.  As we have no desire whatsoever to hear the pitter patter of little feet, we’re happy to celebrate the aforementioned holiday.  Here’s to spending our money on each other and our hobbies, our time with each other, and our lives doing fun things – without children.

For instance, now that the birthday/band hubbub is over, we can concentrate on our List of Fun Things to do This Summer.  We can also start playing acoustic music together, both at our house and out in public (y’all better come see us, now).  We have an excellent benefit concert to attend this July.  And with fall comes the GRE, extra classes, applications to grad school, and our anniversary trip.

Life is good, readers.  How did you spend your weekend?  How will you spend the rest of your summer?


Ryan’s in the middle. Yes, that is copious amounts of chest hair peeking out from his shirt. Don’t worry, we made fun of him for that. Lots.


The mighty Gustavo.


It’s supposed to be In the Sound. Not In the Sand. Though I did suggest they become a Beach Boys cover band, and then the name would fit.