Happy Friday, dear readers!  Some things.

Sex and the City premiered 15 years ago today.  I was late coming to the party, but once I discovered it, that was it.  I’m quite sure that Carrie and her introspective attitude greatly influenced my writing; Samantha and her accepting and supportive view towards all things shaped me into the open person I am today; Charlotte inspired me to never, ever give up on anything; Miranda reminded me to be independent, strong, but to always remember that change can be amazing.

Furthermore, Reading Rainbow premiered 30 years ago, as of yesterday.  I fully believe this show made me into a writer, without a doubt, 100%.  It showed me that words are important, learning is key, and you can never, ever read too much.

It’s funny the things that can influence you.  You wake up in the morning, not expecting anything out of the ordinary.  But unthinkably good things can happen, inspiration found on the street corner, love found in the oddest of places.  You can be listening to a radio show at work, something you turned on just to keep away the boredom, and before you know it the page is calling.

Readers, what inspires you?


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