Glorious Weekend

Happy Monday, readers!!  I’m sad the weekend is over, for it was full of joyous things.  For instance:

Friday:  Ryan’s birthday!  Chicken wings for lunch!  Chuck Cannon at the Red Clay Theater!

Saturday: Lunch with Drej and Sarah!  Ryan’s band’s final performance!  The Majestic Diner!

Sunday:  Cleaning!  Grocery!  Lists!

Well, that last day isn’t so fun, but it’s satisfying to have a clean house.

I’d also like to wish Ryan a Happy Not-A-Father’s-Day.  As we have no desire whatsoever to hear the pitter patter of little feet, we’re happy to celebrate the aforementioned holiday.  Here’s to spending our money on each other and our hobbies, our time with each other, and our lives doing fun things – without children.

For instance, now that the birthday/band hubbub is over, we can concentrate on our List of Fun Things to do This Summer.  We can also start playing acoustic music together, both at our house and out in public (y’all better come see us, now).  We have an excellent benefit concert to attend this July.  And with fall comes the GRE, extra classes, applications to grad school, and our anniversary trip.

Life is good, readers.  How did you spend your weekend?  How will you spend the rest of your summer?


Ryan’s in the middle. Yes, that is copious amounts of chest hair peeking out from his shirt. Don’t worry, we made fun of him for that. Lots.


The mighty Gustavo.


It’s supposed to be In the Sound. Not In the Sand. Though I did suggest they become a Beach Boys cover band, and then the name would fit.


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