I’ll admit it…I play Candy Crush.  I apologize to all the friends I’ve bothered with requests for lives, turns, and various other pastel colored things.

As I was playing tonight, I sank into a zone…a candy filled trance, if you will.  Every move I make has to count, I said to myself.  I can’t make mistakes.  I can only do things that count towards my goal.

Yes, a little crazy.  But then I thought about my life.  With breakups come self-examinations, quarter life crises, re-emergence of self.  I have a new list of goals that I want to achieve.  And every move I make has to count towards the fulfillment of those goals.  No more dallying.  Work, perseverance, and eventually, success.

As of next Saturday, my own apartment.  As of now, a new article (or two) every week.  As of December, the application to grad school, part 2.  And next year?  Who knows.  There are thoughts of a big move swirling around in my head, but I’ll leave that for another day.

This is it.


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