It’s Almost Fall, Y’all

Who is as ready for a new beginning as I am?  Cool nights, gorgeous trees, new food to cook with, pumpkin, lights, festivals, fairs…yes.  This is my favorite time of year.  Further proven by the fact that I just lit my new cinnamon scented Cracklin’ Candle.  I’m ready, so much more this year than ever before.  I’m ready.

Fifteen days, y’all.  I’m counting down.

It does indeed.

It does indeed.

However, in 14 days I will be accompanying my lovely editor Lindsey to a gala at Atlantic Station; I am covering the event for Miss A.  Heartbreak is the best inspiration, as we all know, and I’ve been trying to pick up as many writing assignments as possible, on top of working late (and weekends!).  It works.

You bet your ass it is.

You bet your ass it is.

Readers, are you excited for the change in season, or are you still deep in summer mode?  Are you biding time, waiting for snow and Christmas or is spring more your cup of tea?

Let's all remember this.

Let’s all remember this.


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