Doctor Who Cares

  1. I think I’m the only one who has never seen a full episode of Dr. Who.  I think I am also the only one who doesn’t care to ever see anything Dr. Who related.  The only Who thing I want to see is Whoville at Christmas. Dr. Seuss trumps Dr. Who any day.
  2. I’ve reached the breakup stage where I clean everything.  Literally, nothing is safe in this apartment.  I’ve cleaned out all my junk bags.  I’ve rearranged the pantry and the laundry room.  Next is the bathroom.  I’m not entirely sure what will happen once I run out of things to organize.
  3. I’m watching a Christmas movie this afternoon.  I don’t care that it’s not Thanksgiving yet; Christmas things (lights, music, movies) make me happy, and I am going to do what makes me happy. 
  4. However, I am still terribly excited about Thanksgiving.  FOOD, omg.
  5. Apparently I speak in numbers now. 

Readers, what are some things you’ve been up to?



1.  My alarm went off at 7:30am…ON A SATURDAY.

2.  My chores (bank, breakfast, paying rent) were all done by noon.

3.  My exciting afternoon plans include vacuuming, organizing, baking, and sweeping off the porch.  Also, wine, leftover salmon and rice, chick flicks, and nanowrimo.

4.  I’m making a nice list of clothes I need for work, and systematically breaking that list down store by store.

5.  I’ve just completed a spreadsheet labeled Inventory.  I’ve broken down my house, room by room, and listed all the items I use on a daily basis.  Each Sunday, I will peruse this list.  Never again will I be caught unawares, without toothpaste, hand soap, or paper towels.


Yep, total nerd alert.