1.  My alarm went off at 7:30am…ON A SATURDAY.

2.  My chores (bank, breakfast, paying rent) were all done by noon.

3.  My exciting afternoon plans include vacuuming, organizing, baking, and sweeping off the porch.  Also, wine, leftover salmon and rice, chick flicks, and nanowrimo.

4.  I’m making a nice list of clothes I need for work, and systematically breaking that list down store by store.

5.  I’ve just completed a spreadsheet labeled Inventory.  I’ve broken down my house, room by room, and listed all the items I use on a daily basis.  Each Sunday, I will peruse this list.  Never again will I be caught unawares, without toothpaste, hand soap, or paper towels.


Yep, total nerd alert.


One thought on “NERD ALERT

  1. Taking inventories, making lists, getting a beat on everyday stuff… good medicine. All you need now is a touch of auburn color, if you don’t already. It’s like how artists put a spot of red on their canvases, it warms things up…it makes the canvas come alive, but then it grows legs and walks out the door. Goes to show not even a canvas wants to miss out on life.

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