It’s only the 11th, and already things are looking up.

  1. On Thursday, I met the latest little person to join the Trickel family.  Little Jace Alexander was born Thursday afternoon and has been my first encounter with a newborn.  I never believed in love at first sight, but from the first moment I held this little person I fell in love with him.  I think I understand what people go on and on about when referencing babies.  And then I ran into loud, bratty children at Barnes & Noble today, and I forgot that feeling.  Nevermind…this little boy is precious.Image
  2. Guess who lives at my house now?  That’s right, it’s Walden!  I’m already feeling happier.  From now on, life will include morning walks, evening walks, and training sessions.  Not to mention dog park visits.  I think there’s really something to the studies that say animals boost your emotional state.Image
  3. Plans are in the works for a townhouse, a new car, and something resembling a real writing career.  Won’t share now, but hopefully there will be something to report soon.

Things are good.




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