Home Sweet Home

Around lunchtime, it started to snow.  No big deal, it was forecasted, and it was beautiful.  Good times.  By the time I came back from lunch and started a new project, the snow was already sticking to the ground and talk was beginning of heading for home.

Mikel sent me home around 1:45.

Guess what time I arrived there.

That’s right, about an hour ago – 8:00pm.  It took SIX HOURS to go from midtown to Norcross.  By the time I hit Holcomb Bridge, the traffic stopped.  Literally.  People were parking in the Dunkin Donuts parking lot and walking.  I’ve never in my life seen such a mess.

This city, however much I love it, frustrates me sometimes.  The way people forget how to drive in the rain or the snow.  The way people invent traffic lanes when it suits them to.

But then, there’s the way a woman makes sandwiches and fills water bottles to hand out to weary travelers.  There’s the way three kind gentlemen spend their evening standing by a roadway, waiting for someone to get stuck on a sheet of ice and gathering behind them to push them up the hill.  There’s online communities gathering together to help those still stuck on the roads.

Weather like this brings out the crazies.  But it also brings out the kindness.  We’re all human, and it’s our job to help each other out.  It’s hard to remember that, sometimes, but it’s important.

We are Southerners, after all.


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