You’ve Always Had the Power

My life is a myriad of night before’s.  The night before my first day of college.  The night before moving out for the first time.  The night before college graduation, the night before moving out of the dorms for the last time, the night before my birthday, the night before Christmas, the night before my first real job.

And here I sit, the night before yet another first.  Tomorrow I say goodbye to corporate America and say hello to a dream I’ve been planning for since college.  It hasn’t been easy; the road has been long and very twisty.  There’s a part of me who thought I’d never actually make it to my destination.

So this is what hard work produces.  Huh.

On Tuesday I begin life as an assistant editor; soon (hopefully) I will move up the ladder to editor.  On Monday, I meet with a local entrepreneur to discuss his blog, website, and social media presence.  I’m on my way, and glad to be here.

I should have listened to Glinda, way back when I was a child who thought nothing about careers and dreams and money.  “You’ve always had the power, my dear.  You just had to learn if for yourself.”

Indeed.  I’ve always had the power to make my dream a reality, it seems.  I just needed to believe it.

And I do.


2 thoughts on “You’ve Always Had the Power

  1. I like nights before. There is something alluring and seductive in the very nature of them.

    My grandma (who’s name you already know but I don’t want to tell) once told me:
    Life is one long night before we are all just travelling and sleeping through. The only thing that makes the night bearable is the warmth and light of each other. Who’s to say the dreams we dream are not realities…who’s to say Don Quixote was not actually an errant knight. Who can believe what they do not see or do not believe themselves? None of us see the same thing. And the dreams we have under this starry night are the stars that we our selves may set alight. How is it we cannot accept that we are gods and that our fate is not foretold but always made and this night by our stars can just as much be the morning or the day…but only if we believe it.

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