Windows Open

The windows are open tonight, and I’m reminded of the summers of my childhood.  I’m here, silent, the only sound the crickets and cicadas outside my window.  I’ve showered and am wearing one of the nightgowns nanna bought me for my birthday, partly because it’s comfortable and partly because it’s keeping me cool.

Summers were a battle at our house.  Nanna insisted on turning the air off at night and opening all the windows.  Occasionally a good idea, but mostly not.  Tonight I have no choice, as my air conditioner is broken and not being repaired until the morning.  I remember sitting in my room, Sunday nights, the weekend ending and the crickets chirping.  I was ready for school the next day, and I was probably watching something on TV, from a Disney movie to Desperate Housewives or some awards show.  It was quiet.  Still.  You could hear summer’s southern heartbeat.

It’s funny how life moves.  I could close my eyes and rewind 15 years in a mere moment.

Maybe there is something to being with nature.


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