Homeruns and Hard Work

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not good at phone calls.  I’m not discriminatory – this dislike at telephones extends from family to friends to work to cold calling.  And forget the kind of anxiety I feel when a boy feels the need to have a phone date.  There may or may not be scripts scattered on my desktop.  You can make fun of me.  I can take it!

So, when it comes to finding myself some new clients, email is the way I go.  I can present myself in the best light when I can write my thoughts down, instead of calling and feeling the pressure to present myself before they hang up.  I mean, yikes.

The point of all this is that I would like to celebrate tonight.  I’ve been emailing countless business people and realtors for 2 weeks straight, and it’s finally starting to pay off.  I have 5 meetings lined up this week and, in all honesty, I’m slightly astounded that this is all working.

Dream big, y’all.  Work hard.  Kick ass.  Take names.  You can have anything you want.  Living proof right here.


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