Inventive blog post titles, huh?

I’ve been dieting since November 1, and so far I’ve lost almost 30 pounds.  I’m pretty happy, mostly because I don’t feel like I’m dieting.  Keto is an excellent option for those who don’t want to spend too much time doing a traditional diet.  I just got on the scale tonight and somehow, despite eating 2.5 bagels and some fries this week, I’ve lost 6 pounds.  What???

Let’s not question it.

I wish I could spend time celebrating, but alas, I have two projects due tomorrow so we’ll save the fun for the weekend.


Things I Want to Do

One of the perks of dieting is having your clothes fit again, not to mention the distinct lack of jiggling when you move.  One of the downsides of dieting is all the damn cravings.  I want a big, juicy burger.  I want croissants.  I want tater tots and nachos and a milkshake.  However, I will stick to my diet and eat spinach and chicken and no bread instead.

I also want to watch lots of movies.  I want to watch Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music and The Wizard of Oz.  Instead, I will keep working and chugging along.  Maybe I can combine these two cravings into one giant reward night for working my ass off.

I’ve just realized I’ve spent almost 12 hours in work mode.  I’m closing the laptop, running a bath (with bubble, bitch!), and picking up a good book.

Let’s start again tomorrow.


Tonight I am in the midst of editing a local fellow’s first cookbook.  He has drawn me into his world and I am sad to leave, but most good things eventually come to an end.  It’s going to be an amazing cookbook.  Totally buying one for all my people (you’ve been warned).

I’ve suddenly become a tea drinker – tonight it’s ginger, and I think there is a small hint of lemon, which I did NOT sign up for.  But that’s life, sometimes things you don’t sign up for surprise you.  Balance is the key.

When 8pm hits, I will be running a hot bath, mainly to soak my ankle which I’m beginning to think has an early touch of arthritis.  Then it’s pajamas, more tea, and Downton Abbey!  I’ve been told repeatedly by a certain person who does not (yet) read this blog that I need to watch Firefly, but that can wait until I catch up on both Downton and The Walking Dead.

Early to bed tonight for this girl…full day tomorrow.  And possible snow?  What?


Sundays have become my busy work day.  I clean.  Like, actually take things off the kitchen counter and spray things around, switch out all the towels, and vacuum.  It’s exhausting but satisfying.

Then today I sent around 20 emails to local companies, marketing my freelance writing.  I finished up a proposal for one company and a blog for another client.  I did ALL the laundry.  And now I’m watching Back to the Future and trying to chill before bedtime.

Life is crazy right now, but it’s headed in the right direction.

And, p.s., shout out to my oldest friend, Kristen, who gave birth to her second little one this morning!  She’s adorable, and I’m totally going to visit.  Enjoy the baby and friends, and then enjoy giving her back and coming home to silence and cute doggie.

Life is moving, y’all.  Better hold on and enjoy the ride.