This is becoming an annoying trend.

There’s been one day, the past few summers, that the air suddenly cools, the air conditioning can be turned off, and the breeze in the morning smells like fall.  Today was that day.

And, naturally, I started missing the autumn.  I started looking at Halloween pictures on Pinterest.  I almost watched some Halloween cooking shows, but I held back.  I thought to myself, I’m done with summer.  I’ve gotten a sunburn and, subsequently, a tan.  I’ve been to the pool.  I’ve grilled a burger.  I’m ready to move on.

Nothing wrong with that.  We all have our favorite things that we look forward to all year long.

But then I stopped.  And gave it a little more thought.

Time will pass, no matter how much we wish it would or wouldn’t.  Summer will end, autumn will arrive, Christmas will light up the world and summer will be here again before you know it.  What if, instead of wishing our lives away for something else, we stopped and looked around.  What if we appreciate the time we’re living in now, soak in the hot air and shimmering pool water and smell of the air conditioning and taste of fresh watermelon and cantaloupe and tomatoes.  Enjoy how the light hangs around until 9pm and twilight brings the lightening bugs and the crickets and a respite from the humid afternoon.

Change will come, sure as the seasons and twice as quick…isn’t it better to be happy where you are instead of spending all your time wishing you were somewhere else?

I think so.


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