Low Humidity, High Spirits

So, I’ll be the 65th person to say how gorgeous it is outside today.  For the first time since spring, the humidity is practically non-existent and and temperature is hovering in the low-80s.

I feel like the city is breathing a sigh of relief.

I drove down to Poncey-Highland for a haircut this morning, and for the first time in many months didn’t break a sweat walking from my car to the salon.  The light is beginning to have that clear, autumn look.  I might even wake up early in the morning just to wear a light jacket while walking Walden.

Summer has been long this year, what with multiple days of 95 degree, 500% humidity.  Great for pool time, not so much for exercising an energetic dog or sweat-averse Laura.  Tonight, however, Walden and I will take a nice stroll around the complex, saying hello to people and things we haven’t seen in awhile.

Until then, I have a giant to-do list of work items and phone calls, and I’m already sleepy.  Time to put on the coffee, open a window, buckle down, and wait for fall.

After all, it’s almost time.


Hello, August

To me, August is the month of changes.  The carefree summer days are quickly coming to an end, the back to school aisle at Target is ripe with the scent of new backpacks, notebook paper, and fresh crayons, and the first glimpse of fall is guaranteed to appear one early morning in the not too distant future.

I’ve spent some time writing down my goals for August; they range from work-related things to personal activities to weird goals that only make sense to me.  Since this is the first month I’ve actively done this, I’ve kept the list short(ish), so as not to overwhelm myself and make accomplishing these things an easier task.


I find myself wanting to settle things before a new season begins…spring cleaning is a big thing in my house, the weather finally semi-warm enough to open the windows and clear out all that dust and debris that’s gathered during the coldest months.  It’s the same when summer’s over; I want to clean the clutter, organize all the things, and settle in for a long autumn and winter nap.  I believe this is called nesting…I can’t imagine how I will be when pregnancy arrives.  Nesting 24/7, all the time, until there’s nothing left to nest.

So this month will include a lot of work, both for profit and not for profit (I’m finally starting a book!).  It will also include some Dragon Con prep (my first year, there will be a recap afterwards), a 15-lb weight loss goal, a new television stand, and some training for sweet Walden.

Readers, what are your goals for this warm month?  What will you accomplish in August?