Low Humidity, High Spirits

So, I’ll be the 65th person to say how gorgeous it is outside today.  For the first time since spring, the humidity is practically non-existent and and temperature is hovering in the low-80s.

I feel like the city is breathing a sigh of relief.

I drove down to Poncey-Highland for a haircut this morning, and for the first time in many months didn’t break a sweat walking from my car to the salon.  The light is beginning to have that clear, autumn look.  I might even wake up early in the morning just to wear a light jacket while walking Walden.

Summer has been long this year, what with multiple days of 95 degree, 500% humidity.  Great for pool time, not so much for exercising an energetic dog or sweat-averse Laura.  Tonight, however, Walden and I will take a nice stroll around the complex, saying hello to people and things we haven’t seen in awhile.

Until then, I have a giant to-do list of work items and phone calls, and I’m already sleepy.  Time to put on the coffee, open a window, buckle down, and wait for fall.

After all, it’s almost time.


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