Fall Is Coming…

In a mere three hours and 20-some odd minutes, autumn will grace us with her presence.  She’s been shifty this year, skulking behind doorways and around corners, showing us glimpses of her magic but never fully revealing herself.  And I feel like summer bowed out gracefully this go-around, waving goodbye around the middle of August.  I don’t miss her, though I will when April begins its beautiful reign over the city.  But let’s not talk about that yet.

I’m an autumn kind of girl.  No offense to summer, but fall is my jam.  But we all know this.

September is flying, and has brought more interesting changes and events than any other 9th month in recent history.  It started out with Dragon Con, one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done.  The boy told me all about it…he explained the customs, the traditions, the absolute way of life that Con is, but no amount of words could have prepared me for what I experienced.  You’re immersed in this tiny community, a city, even (70,000 people could definitely pass for a small city, right?), for five days.  Drinking, fun, cosplay, panels, 24/7.  You make friends, you see amazing costume mash-ups, and when Monday afternoon rolls around and you’re back at home where it’s quiet, you’re not sure what to think.  It took me a good week to settle back into my routine and shake the depression.  It was amazing.  I can’t wait to go back.  And I’m already planning my cosplay for next year.

September also brought new career highs that I never even thought about.  From spreading my business wings into California and Florida to mentoring undergrads at my dear Ogle to guest teaching a marketing class, I have been running every which way all month and loving every minute of it.  I’ve got to say, September, you’ve set the bar for the rest of autumn and winter.  Only place to go is up, and I’ve got my climbing shoes on.

And speaking of the boy, the first day of fall also marks the 6-month anniversary of our initial meeting.  I couldn’t have asked for a better man to spend time with, and I’m wishing on that first falling leaf that we’ll see many, many more autumns.

So here we go…here’s to beginning anew, here’s to learning new things, and here’s to embracing all that life has to offer.



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