Making the Most Out of September

The weather has finally turned; I checked out the long-range forecast this morning while drinking coffee and eating leftover birthday cake, and the highs for the foreseeable future aren’t predicted to rise above the low-70s.  The clouds have set up permanent residence in our skies with the occasional rain shower.

I am pleased with this arrangement.

For instance, right now I am sitting in by bed, warm and comfortable under my favorite blue patchwork quilt.  I was awoken early this morning by mom’s car troubles and have been fuzzy ever since.  I am not a morning person; I wish I were.  I want to wake up before the sun comes up and take Walden for a long walk and drink coffee on the porch and greet the sun’s first rays.  Maybe one day, but don’t count on it.

I digress.

Every so often I can hear my windchime blowing its melodic chime in the autumn wind outside.  I can look out of my window and see the first glimpse of red on the crepe myrtle leaves.  I don’t need the air conditioning on full-blast when I get in the car, and jeans are once again comfortable attire.

We celebrated Nanna’s birthday on Saturday with a family dinner at my apartment; the cats and dog provided the entertainment, so at least they’re good for something.  I made a fall-ish menu, which made me only look forward to this season more.  There’s nothing more relaxing and centering, to me, than spending some time in the kitchen chopping, slicing, sauteing, and cooking.  Pour yourself some wine and go to town, and if there’s an awesome tv show blaring in the background (Gilmore Girls…Chopped…HGTV) that’s all the better.  Friday is my annual Welcome Fall and Make Delicious Chili and Bring Out the Halloween Decorations day, of which my fellow will be partaking in.  This is only his introduction to my holiday craziness enthusiasm; I hope he’s up to the challenge.  I think he might be.

Let’s not even talk about my Halloween Wars and Halloween Baking Championship on the Food Network.  They both premier next week; I wait for them all year long and am beside myself from the time I see the first commercial advertising their return up until they premier.  It’s finally time!!

And then in between deadlines and meetings and busy work and housework I must fit in an oil change, as Veronica is making that tell-tale rattling sound that means it’s time to be freshened up.  Early next year, I’ll be car buying.  While a Honda Civic has been my goal for many, many moons, I’m finding myself straying from Honda’s clutches into something more grown-up.  We shall see.

My ramblings are long and varied, which is good for the soul but bad for readership.  Adieu, dear readers.  Until.


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