Making a Life

Favorite new nightly tradition: getting all scrubbed and ready for bed, crawling under the covers, and watching Prison Break with the boyfriend, who is doing the same at his house.

I’m feeling an increased need for balance lately, in both my life and my dog’s life.

As an aside, the cats are fine.  The only balancing they do is when they tiptoe through the bookshelf or jump up onto high places.

I’m trying to notice the little things, appreciate the small stuff.  For instance, I drove home from the Majestic Diner late tonight with my windows down and music up loud.  This is a simple pleasure I’ve been doing since I bought Veronica in 2006.  Night driving calms me.  It centers me.  It takes me places and brings me back again.  As was said in one of my very favorite movies, some music needs air.  Roll down your window.

Finding balance echoes in the morning hours, as well, when Walden and I wake up and hit the pavement for our 45 minute walk.  Good for both him and me, these walks wipe the cobwebs from my mind and wake me up, readying me for another long day of phone calls, clients, writing, and general creativity.  We repeat these walks in the evening, when I’m coming down off my creative buzz and feeling fuzzy.  And these walks balance Walden, so that he won’t chew or jump around or act like a small tornado in my living room.

Calm is key.  For everyone.

We’re set to see the first 40s of the season this weekend, and I couldn’t be more ready.  I feel alive in the cold.  The brisk winds bite my cheeks, and when I inhale, the new season fills me full, and I feel autumn in my bones.

Balance.  I’ll be wishing for summer when the first snow comes and I’m stuck inside for 3 days.

Until then, I’m enjoying life.  Trying to walk that delicate line between having a job and making a life.


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