November is arguably my favorite month.  Especially this year, as Halloween was on overdrive and I’m kind of glad it’s over for another year.

The Halloween party, however, was a smashing success.  However, I feel like I’m getting old, as I got so sleepy that I had to go to bed before everyone left.  I also considered telling all the trick-or-treaters to get off the lawn.  Old lady, party of 1.

This year, November brings changes and first times and other exciting things.

For instance, Thanksgiving will be spent with my man at a cabin nestled deep in the Great Smoky Mountains.  Luckily, there will be cable television and a stove/oven, so I can both watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and make dinner.  While this will be my first time creating a Thanksgiving dinner from scratch by myself, there are concessions – Nanna will be making her famous (and my favorite) cornbread dressing earlier in the week, so we can tote it along with us.  Some things are sacred, and can not be messed with.

The Wood Brothers are celebrating their newest album release at the Buckhead Theatre in a few weeks, and Justin and I will be there.  I’ve been itching to introduce him to this band for months now; there is no better concert than a Wood Brothers concert.

Late November will also bring a walking Oglethorpe tour.  In the past months, I’ve spent numerous evenings volunteering at the Ogle and have chattered endlessly to Justin about it.  It’s time he had a tour, Starbucks coffee in hand, gorgeous leaves falling all around us.

And, as an aside, my first trip to Vegas is planned for January!  A few days after the new year, the man and I will jet off to the west and indulge in delicious restaurants and site-seeing.  I will, of course, indulge in the swimming pool, gym, and spa while he attends conferences during the day, but that’s neither here nor there.  Life with this man is an adventure, and I’m loving every minute of it.

Readers, I’m off to do a strange combination of work, make lists, and clean.  Seems my life is always coming back to those three things…and I couldn’t be more satisfied.


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