Merry Something


Why, yes, it is December.  I’m slightly dumbfounded at how quickly this year has passed.  Wasn’t it just yesterday I was planning my 2015, signing contracts and taking bubble baths?

Today has been a good day, despite waking up with a headache.

I visited the doctor, who told me that my incessant coughing isn’t the same sickness that had me down for two months back in 2013.  Instead, my lungs are burdened with an upper respiratory infection that should clear itself within three weeks.  Here’s hoping.  I’m currently lying in bed waiting for my first dose of hydrocodone to kick in.  Let’s hope it also kicks this cough’s ass to the curb.  My muscles hurt.

I also finished unpacking my kitchen and started on my closet, linens, and bathroom things.  I think the general mess of packed things contributed to my recent unsettled feelings, but things are on the up and up.  I also hung my curtains, which of course are too short now that my ceilings are taller and windows larger.

I also unpacked my scale, and on a whim of dare and courage, I stepped on.  Seems I’ve lost weight, completely by accident, in recent months.  Huzzah!  I celebrated with yet another cup of hot tea and a clementine.  I suppose that’s one upside to being sick – a complete loss of appetite and marked increase in healthy liquids of all kinds.  Last time I had bronchitis my skin looked amazing, only because of my constant diet of ice water, hot tea, and soup.  Gotta look on the bright side, folks.

And finally, I sent a proposal to a potential new client without batting an eye.  I think proposals might be one of my favorite parts of the job, if only because I like to point out people’s grammar, punctuation, and content mistakes.  Business is booming, and I’m finally feeling settled.  If my calculations are correct, 2016 will be the best year yet.

But alas, it’s still 2015, and I have projects to finish tomorrow so sleep is imminent.  Time to watch YouTube videos and lull myself to the land of nod.  Happy December, friends.  Have a holly jolly kind of week.


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