Monday, Monday

I’m slowly waking up this morning to the sound of happy birds outside the boy’s open window.  He has just left for work, my coffee is in the kitchen brewing, and here I am making lists at 7am.  Let’s call it getting a head start instead of weirdness, deal?

I’ll drink my coffee while watching some videos and cruising the internets before hitting the road for home, where I have a full day of writing, marketing, emailing, and Walden walking.  I should probably also keep unpacking and cleaning, too, as well as do some laundry.  It’s a small, quiet life, but I like it.

I’ve been feeling some tremendous amounts of unease and stress lately, but I’ve made some concrete decisions for 2016 that will, hopefully, make me feel like that a lot less.  Facing 30 will do that to you, I suppose.

Some melancholy thoughts for this cold January Monday, but what can you do.  My coffee is waiting for me, and these emails and stories won’t write themselves.

Until, dear friends.