Late-Summer’s Eve

So 2016 is half over, and I have been remiss.  It seems when life gets busy and I get stressed, my personal writing falls to the wayside.  But a change is coming – I can feel it.

It’s been well documented that there is one day in late July that the summer heat and humidity abates, if only for an afternoon.  It’s happened again, last Thursday; the breeze picked up, I could take deep, outside breaths, and the afternoon light came through my windows in a clearer way.  And with that, my brief affair with summer ended and my yearning for autumn began.

In the months since April, there have been beach trips, road trips up north (Baltimore!), and trips to the jewelry store for some ring shopping.  I’ve picked up clients and dropped some.  I’ve been published and am making contacts at national magazines.

Tomorrow is August 1.  August, I’ve read, is like the Sunday of summer.  The summer is coming to an end, the tides are about to change and good things are coming.  All it takes is a short sleep and you’ll wake up with a new chance, a new beginning, and a delicious new season.