Small Things

Yesterday, I noticed several trees in the Kroger parking lot were beginning to turn yellow and red.

This morning, I feel distracted.  Being freshly moved in, I haven’t experienced an autumn or winter in this house yet; it’s the perfect space for it, and I’m growing impatient.

My fellow brought me a dozen roses last night to celebrate our monthiversary.  He’s been mine now for 17 months, and he is amazing at surprising me with random Tuesday flowers.

Dragon Con is in 8 days, though we have blocked off Wednesday for packing so it’s really in 7.  With my inaugural year under my belt, I feel more prepared for my second Con, though I still need socks.  Moving forced me to clean out everything, and turns out that my favorite ankle socks that I’ve had since high school have finally succumbed to age.  I’ll go by Target on Friday.

I’m itching to get settled, which is why I’m heading down to the garage as soon as I finish this blog.  I must organize.  Unpack.  Cross some things off my never-ending to-do list so autumn will find me fresh and ready.

Let’s do this.