Seasons of Love

I get emotional at good-byes.  Ask anyone.

Anytime the seasons change, I get a little sentimental.  Autumn begins in a mere 10 hours, and while I’m more than excited I’m also a little sad.  Time is moving too quickly; before I can find my bearings and get my feet firmly underneath me it’s time to get moving again.

That’s life, I suppose.

Other seasons are changing, too.  Justin and I have spent numerous afternoons and evenings prowling through jewelry stores, trying on engagement rings and discussing their pros and cons.  We’re settling our lives together and seriously planning for a future.  I’m learning to live with someone again, and slowly figuring out how to be a partner and how to take care of a house.  There are road trips and airplane trips in the works, family to meet, new business ventures to attempt, and holiday plans to make.  I’ve spent years watching friends and acquaintances enter into this phase of life, and I’m beyond happy that it’s finally my turn.

I felt slightly bittersweet when leaving my apartment.  I was the first woman in my family to live by herself, and I learned so much about myself these past three years.  I remember standing alone in my apartment, my last day, the last load of stuff packed tightly into my car.  I looked around, memorized the way the sun came through the blinds and felt the soft carpet between my toes, and, turning to leave, I felt myself choking up.

But all I could think about were the wise words of CS Lewis, who always seems to sum up things so succinctly:

There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.

Indeed.  See you there.


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