Rain and Cold and Sleet, Oh My!

Lately, it seems that the days get colder as they progress.  I didn’t need a jacket this morning, but come 1pm when I hopped into the car to go pick up a sign from one of our sold properties, the wind was biting and the rain drops were cold.

Lesson learned.  Probably not, actually, but the sentiment is there.

As a (newish) freelance writer, I am still deciding on how to structure my days.  Obviously, I’m in the office helping Feroza in the morning.  To avoid a headache from too much computer time, I break up the rest of the day between projects, laundry, dishes, the pets, and furthering my own training.  Nothing like a dog staring at you while you’re trying to work to get you up off your ass and outside.

I also have a new fascination with Anthony Bourdain.  I have found him On Demand and many of my evenings are taken up with his sharp word choice, adventurous palate, and exotic destinations.  I’ve found him to be excellent company after a long day or while I’m doing a mindless data entry project.  I’ve also found him to be detrimental to my diet, as I’m now craving massive amounts of sea food after a trip he took to Haiti.

In short, these short mid-winter days are spent with the tv, laptop, and music.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.