Hello, August

To me, August is the month of changes.  The carefree summer days are quickly coming to an end, the back to school aisle at Target is ripe with the scent of new backpacks, notebook paper, and fresh crayons, and the first glimpse of fall is guaranteed to appear one early morning in the not too distant future.

I’ve spent some time writing down my goals for August; they range from work-related things to personal activities to weird goals that only make sense to me.  Since this is the first month I’ve actively done this, I’ve kept the list short(ish), so as not to overwhelm myself and make accomplishing these things an easier task.


I find myself wanting to settle things before a new season begins…spring cleaning is a big thing in my house, the weather finally semi-warm enough to open the windows and clear out all that dust and debris that’s gathered during the coldest months.  It’s the same when summer’s over; I want to clean the clutter, organize all the things, and settle in for a long autumn and winter nap.  I believe this is called nesting…I can’t imagine how I will be when pregnancy arrives.  Nesting 24/7, all the time, until there’s nothing left to nest.

So this month will include a lot of work, both for profit and not for profit (I’m finally starting a book!).  It will also include some Dragon Con prep (my first year, there will be a recap afterwards), a 15-lb weight loss goal, a new television stand, and some training for sweet Walden.

Readers, what are your goals for this warm month?  What will you accomplish in August?



It’s July!  As one of my favorite bloggers said, we’re in the midst of summer.  I’m delighted that summer is moving so slowly this year.  I feel like standing outside and soaking it in, reveling in the sweat and humidity and heat.  After all, I still have memories of this


Additionally, today marks the halfway point of 2014.  Six months behind us, six ahead of us.  My initial year has been crazy; I can only imagine what the rest will hold. 

I’m spending my summer days drinking coffee, working, writing, relaxing by whatever pool I can find, and exercising.  Old friends are coming into town weekly.  Reading has never tasted so good.  I’m doing more than I’ve ever done before, and I can feel myself changing, in more ways that one.

Tonight’s post is a short one, friends, for I am sleepy and headed to bed.  Perhaps some Bob Ross while I drift off…his happy clouds are the best sleep companions.

Climb, Climb, Climb

They say that the worst thing is to be never satisfied.  To always want more, no matter what we have and how many dreams we’ve accomplished and possessions we have.

Normally, I’d agree with that.

Tonight, however, I made margaritas, and tequila apparently puts me in a pensive mood.

It’s ok to never be satisfied.  It’s ok to always look ahead, plan for the next big thing, strive for something bigger.  How would we grow if we didn’t keep climbing?

The way I see it, there’s a difference between being satisfied and being comfortable.  I’ve been comfortable…I was a nanny for 3 years, and I basically stopped looking for my dream job because the work was easy, the money was good, and I was comfortable.  It’s the classic anecdote – you get stuck at your dead end, 9-5 job and before you know it 30 years have gone by and you’re wondering where time went and why you never did get to those ideas and dreams you’d planned.  You’re happily stuck, because you can pay your bills, have a little bit of fun on the weekend, maybe save a little.  And so there you stay.

However, on the other hand…you could apply to grad school and get your Masters in social work.  You could go to nursing school and work your way up.  You could apply to vet school and open your own practice.  Or, you could quit your job in that field you really didn’t like anyway and get a part-time job editing books and fill in the rest of your days prospecting for clients that desperately need your writing assistance.  And then, after you’ve done that for a few years, you can start your own magazine.  And then you can go back to school, get your PhD, and teach.  You can then finally publish that novel, or collection of short stories, or memoir.

See?  Never be satisfied.  Always want more.  Because life is so damn short…it’s up to us to make our lives the way we want them.  Don’t ever settle.

Working for the Weekend

I love productive weekends.  Don’t you?

Maybe not.  Perhaps you’re the type of person who prefers relaxed, quiet Saturdays with brunch-and-mimosa Sundays.  Nothing wrong with that.  I, too, appreciate a good mimosa.  I wish I could have one right now, in fact.

But this weekend was destined to be something different.  On Saturday, I made a wreath for my front door.  I found my dog a new bed, a new collar, and signed him up for obedience classes.



After...excuse the blurry, it was cold and I had no shoes on.

After…excuse the blurry, it was cold and I had no shoes on.


Today (Sunday) will include laundry, a visit to the farmers market, cleaning – and then the fun stuff.  To keep in line with my 10 books a month goal, I’ve gathered the first 10 books and stacked them in a central location.  After I clean up and get ready for the week, Sunday will consist of reading.  Lots and lots of reading.

January books to read.

January books to read.

It’s only halfway through January and I’m already feeling better.  This is a good sign, eh?

Birthday Resolutions

I was informed yesterday that I needed to make specific birthday resolutions.  So, I acquiesced.  This year, I am going to write more.  I am also going to get into grad school.

I feel as though I’ve turned over a new leaf these past few weeks.  I’ve realized that if I want to be a writer, I have to make myself one.  No one is going to come along and offer me anything; I must go out and do it myself.  So, I’ve made tentative goals.  I’ve made slight plans, but plans nonetheless, and I’m feeling good about them.

In other news, Birthday 27 was a success.  There were pedicures, lunches, family dinners, friend dinners, pools, rain, balloons, and, of course, CAKE.


The balloons are currently sitting in the living room, and the puppy is switching between staring at them curiously and avoiding their gaze, probably hoping they’ll just quietly go away.

He’s an odd one, but we love him.

Today begins the 27th chapter of my life, and I begin the journey with a day off, laundry, writing, planning, and chores, all with the boy I’ve chosen to spend the rest of the years with.

Until then, however, I’m headed to lunch with the grandpa.  He’s 87 today, and we’re having lunch.  My treat, of course, as he has already done everything for me.  It’s my turn to give back to him.