Rain and Cold and Sleet, Oh My!

Lately, it seems that the days get colder as they progress.  I didn’t need a jacket this morning, but come 1pm when I hopped into the car to go pick up a sign from one of our sold properties, the wind was biting and the rain drops were cold.

Lesson learned.  Probably not, actually, but the sentiment is there.

As a (newish) freelance writer, I am still deciding on how to structure my days.  Obviously, I’m in the office helping Feroza in the morning.  To avoid a headache from too much computer time, I break up the rest of the day between projects, laundry, dishes, the pets, and furthering my own training.  Nothing like a dog staring at you while you’re trying to work to get you up off your ass and outside.

I also have a new fascination with Anthony Bourdain.  I have found him On Demand and many of my evenings are taken up with his sharp word choice, adventurous palate, and exotic destinations.  I’ve found him to be excellent company after a long day or while I’m doing a mindless data entry project.  I’ve also found him to be detrimental to my diet, as I’m now craving massive amounts of sea food after a trip he took to Haiti.

In short, these short mid-winter days are spent with the tv, laptop, and music.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.



As anyone who knows me can attest to, I am a freak about holidays.

For instance, the first cold night of October (NEVER before), I make my special chili and either cornbread or garlic bread.  I buy a new bottle of wine I’ve never tried.  I open all the windows.  I bring in the autumn decorations, both literally and figuratively, and spend the evening watching a Halloween show, cooking, and decorating.  It’s arguably my favorite night of the year.


I’ve never understood how people can lose sight of the magic still left in this world.  How they can become so blind to the beauty, whether it be fire colored autumn leaves, sweet spring breezes, or the sun reflecting off the swimming pool water in the summer.  Life is beautiful.

What a view.

What a view.

I’m almost five months into working for myself, and though the road has been arduous and at times treacherous, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

(I actually get depressed when I think of ever going into an office again.  I’ll take that as a sign)


I love spending my days at my own desk, writing blogs or planning social media attacks or addressing envelopes.  I love taking breaks to pet Walden or make some tea coffee (who am I kidding, if it’s not whiskey, it’s coffee).  I love having the freedom to come and go as I please, which means my newly-retired grandmother has fashioned a list of things we can go do together.  She’s paying for my gas while I drive her to doctor’s appointments, I’m taking her to new restaurants so she can experience new things.  So far, it’s working well.


Halloween is coming quickly, and since giving Comcast another try at providing me television I’ve been watching the shit out of some Halloween episodes on the Food Network.  I’m going to the Little 5 Points Halloween Parade on Saturday, which is always crazy awesome.  I should get a pumpkin at some point, too, which means I’ll go for a medium sized orange fellow and leave with 2 large pumpkins, 3 small ones, and an array of various gourds, baby pumpkins, and other autumnal items.  I can’t resist.

omg Halloween magazines!

omg Halloween magazines!

And, finally, with autumn comes change, a new chance to begin.  I’m all about that.  I’ve improved my Facebook page (which everyone should visit and Like, btw).  I’m planning out my blogs in advance in case I get lazy (let’s be real, I totally will get lazy and forget to post).  I’m making plans with mom and nanna to go apple picking and scenic railroad riding.

Let’s make this the best autumn yet.



I think this is older than I am...I got lots of my Halloween decorations from Nanna's house.

I think this is older than I am…I got lots of my Halloween decorations from Nanna’s house.