Brownies and Locally Made Wine

So here I sit, the 4th Friday night of my new life.  It’s been quiet…there was a productive visit to the gym, some laundry, and dinner and wine.  A good night.

I sit here thinking of the weekend, random thoughts swirling about in my head.  Seeing mom tomorrow.  Helping a friend tomorrow night.  Brunch Sunday.  I don’t have to go to sleep early tonight if I don’t want.  I can sleep late(ish) in the morning.  I should follow up with some writing leads I’ve gotten this week.

It hits me.  I am satisfied.  I’m not dreading Sunday nights anymore.  My life is linear, and it’s stretching on and on, unforeseeable, infinite.  Possibility.  Who knows what will happen in a year, six months, a week, tomorrow.  I track how much I’ve changed in the past year, and I almost can’t place myself.  But that’s ok.  It’s good.

The apartment is quiet and the twinkle lights are plugged in, gently lending their glow to my kitchen.  I’m showered and sleepy; the wine has taken affect.

Happy Friday, friends.  Here’s to making your future exactly what you want it to be.


The Times, They Are A-Changin’

Well, readers, life has a funny way of shifting the ground you stand on.

In 10 days and roughly 6 minutes, I will be getting the keys to my very own apartment.  Perched on the 3rd floor, overlooking a field and crepe myrtle, my new home has soft carpet, dark wood floors, and possibility.  I’m the first woman in my family to live by herself, a challenge and opportunity that I hadn’t planned on but am embracing with both nerves and excitement.

The future is uncertain, new, unplanned – but isn’t that what makes life fun?  I hope so.  I’ll post pictures when I move in and get settled, and I promise I will find more time for writing.

Readers, any advice for this newly single girl in the big city?