This is It

I can finally announce what’s been happening behind the scenes for awhile now.


As of Monday, May 26, I will be accepting a job as an assistant editor at a local publishing house.  I will also be launching full-tilt into my freelance writing.

I honestly could not be more excited.

Just imagine…I graduated from college 5 years ago today.  I’ve spent all that time looking, searching, clawing my way around the job market that is Atlanta, only coming up empty handed, time and again.  But here…it’s 2014.  It’s finally happening.  The life I’ve always wanted is standing before me, and it’s mine for the taking.  I don’t know if it’s a result of hard work or luck; perhaps a smidgeon of both.  All I know is that I’m ready.  I’m at peace.  This is where I’m meant to be, and I’m going to embrace it with both arms.

Let’s go, people.  This is it.