The days are growing longer and the breeze has the faint feel of spring.  It’s finally (almost) here.  This winter has been a long and cold one; I’ve seen more ice and snow in two months than I’ve seen in my 27 years.  Sue Dewar has said it best:


No. More.  I’m ready for spring, in more ways than one.  I’m ready for long walks with Walden.  I’m ready for outdoor adventures with friends, brunch on patios, windows open all day and night.  I have fresh spring sheets on my bed (cream colored with a leaf green pattern).  I’ve applied to grad school.  I have a list of activities that will be done this spring/summer.  Walden is going to obedience classes…one day soon, he will stop being crazy.  I hope.  I’m eating healthier, I’m moving more, and I’m moving on.  Things are going to change this year.  I can feel it.

Readers, what are you looking forward to this new season?


How Do the Yankees Do It??

This morning, for the first time in my life, the wind chill was in the negatives.  Within minutes of being outside, my extremities were numb.  There was an annoying and painful tingling on the tops of my ears. 

I am not prepared for this!  We’re in Georgia.  It’s supposed to be so warm that I complain, all the time.  That’s how life has always been.  What is this polar problem?  I used to think I’d like to live up north one day…New York City, Chicago, Boston. 

No.  Not any more.  I can’t do this every winter.  Never again.  I enjoy a nice cold weather snap sometimes, but this is excessive.

And now I’ve jinxed us.  Sorry, Atlantans.  We will never have cold weather or snow again.

Maybe that’s a good thing.