Autumn Leaves

Dear Readers, life has been crazy.  But then again, that’s life.  Here is a snapshot of what I’ve been up to:

  1. Writing.  Writing writing writing.  I’m writing weekly articles for Miss A, which fills me with nothing less than incredible satisfaction and happiness.  Visit my page here; feel free to share the links with anyone and everyone.
  2. She works hard for the money.  Guess who got a new job?  That’s right, ME.  It was actually an excellent experiment in observing how the economy has rebounded; I was let go on Monday around noon.  I applied to a job posting on Tuesday morning.  By Tuesday afternoon, I was called in, I interviewed, and began a week later.  A month in, I couldn’t be happier.  They hired me as a writer/marketer, and I’ve already been given projects including re-doing a brochure, producing a 16 page booklet, and writing an article for a local magazine.  I finally feel like I’ve found my place.  It’s a relief.
  3. Ideas…My dear friend Amanda and I seem to end up sloshing ideas all over the room whenever we meet up.  Our most recent plans include becoming involved with GOOD Magazine, my starting my own magazine (YES), and trying our hardest to get involved in the 2015 gathering of Nobel Laureates.

There are also plans for the holidays, vacations, and other things in the works, but it’s Sunday afternoon, I’ve been sick (and therefore tired), and laundry needs to be done and bills paid.  It’s not a glamorous life, but it’s mine, and I’m enjoying it.