The Point Is…

When I get down about the mouth and need encouragement (which is quite often these days), I find myself turning to the last episodes of Gilmore Girls.  Rory has graduated from college with a journalism degree but without a job.  She turns down a proposal from her boyfriend and is in general emotional disarray.  Lorelai is helping her move out of her apartment, and Rory is lamenting the loss of her boyfriend and the avocado tree he’d promised her, should they have gotten married.  Rory finally sighs, stands up, and says, “I think I’ll get my own avocado tree.”  And Lorelai smiles, and says, “See?  Point is, you can have anything you want.”

You can have anything you want.


Just gotta work hard.  Have faith.  You want it?  Go get it.

Anything at all.


Everybody’s Working for the Weekend

Can you believe I’m actually excited to close myself into my apartment, drink lots of coffee, and work all weekend?  Yeah, me neither.

There have been several things I’ve been meaning to write about…mostly ranting, but that’s always good to inspire conversation.  Tonight, however, is Friday, and even though it’s only 9pm I’m already sleepy.  More writing will happen tomorrow, so stay tuned.

What are your plans this weekend?

Thank God it’s Friday….Wait

I woke up this morning and thought to myself, MAN, I’m glad it’s Thursday…means tomorrow is Friday and I can sleep in!

Nope.  It was only Wednesday.  Such a horrible realization.  But tomorrow is Thursday, and while my day is impossibly full I’m still feeling good.  Some work, a new client meeting, maybe a date, and ending the night with some more work…yep, sounds like the making of a good week ending to me.  Friday is supposed to rain, so Laura stays indoors and drinks coffee and does impossible amounts of work and reads some books.

My goal was to feel exhausted during the entire month of January.  So far, mission accomplished.


Am I an old lady if I consider going to bed before 9pm?  ‘Cause Walden is passed out next to me, the cats have disappeared into the soft blankets on my bed, and I’m fading fast.

Today held frustration and exuberance, all in one.  Complicated feelings, but such is life.  Tomorrow is a new day, another chance to begin again, start fresh.  What else could we ask for?