Sunshine and Weekends

My weekend, so far, can be summed up by this picture:


Friday ended with delicious pho (my first experience…it will be happening again) and season 2 of Sherlock.  I must admit, I am not a Beneton Cummberbund fan.  Yes, I know his real name, and no, I will never spell or pronounce it correctly, because how often do you get such a golden opportunity to mangle something?  Tomorrow, the laundry and vacuuming will occur.  I will not longer speak of it, so maybe it will go away.  I’d much rather be spending time working and prospecting (news flash: I’ll probably be doing that, too.  Weekends are exciting).



In other news, this upcoming week is ripe with deadlines and appointments, one of which is my first Daughters of the American Revolution meeting.  I’m excited to begin the membership process and subsequently meet new friends and do excellent things for the community.


My extended family down in Charleston and over in Sumter have been invaluable in this process.  They really are the best.

2015, though only a solid 2 weeks in, has proved exciting and awesome.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Now.  More wine.


Birthday Resolutions

I was informed yesterday that I needed to make specific birthday resolutions.  So, I acquiesced.  This year, I am going to write more.  I am also going to get into grad school.

I feel as though I’ve turned over a new leaf these past few weeks.  I’ve realized that if I want to be a writer, I have to make myself one.  No one is going to come along and offer me anything; I must go out and do it myself.  So, I’ve made tentative goals.  I’ve made slight plans, but plans nonetheless, and I’m feeling good about them.

In other news, Birthday 27 was a success.  There were pedicures, lunches, family dinners, friend dinners, pools, rain, balloons, and, of course, CAKE.


The balloons are currently sitting in the living room, and the puppy is switching between staring at them curiously and avoiding their gaze, probably hoping they’ll just quietly go away.

He’s an odd one, but we love him.

Today begins the 27th chapter of my life, and I begin the journey with a day off, laundry, writing, planning, and chores, all with the boy I’ve chosen to spend the rest of the years with.

Until then, however, I’m headed to lunch with the grandpa.  He’s 87 today, and we’re having lunch.  My treat, of course, as he has already done everything for me.  It’s my turn to give back to him.