Summer, Summer

Though the temperature has passed beyond 90 for several weeks now, today is (officially) the second day of summer.  I should have written yesterday, I know, but life gets in the way.  Besides, EVERYONE writes their summer blogs on the 21st.  It’s fun to be different!

This week has plans to act like a week in late July – humidity sky high, temperatures 95+.  Luckily, in addition to an air conditioning that works like a charm, there is a pool in Piedmont Park that gives me all kinds of relief.  Bonus points if there are baby ducks and a turtle or 2 on the lake.  Bonus bonus points if there is frozen yogurt afterward.

Summer is magical, especially southern summers.  But, in true Laura fashion, I’m already looking forward to fall.  I’m a mess, y’all, but it’s a beautiful one.



It’s July!  As one of my favorite bloggers said, we’re in the midst of summer.  I’m delighted that summer is moving so slowly this year.  I feel like standing outside and soaking it in, reveling in the sweat and humidity and heat.  After all, I still have memories of this


Additionally, today marks the halfway point of 2014.  Six months behind us, six ahead of us.  My initial year has been crazy; I can only imagine what the rest will hold. 

I’m spending my summer days drinking coffee, working, writing, relaxing by whatever pool I can find, and exercising.  Old friends are coming into town weekly.  Reading has never tasted so good.  I’m doing more than I’ve ever done before, and I can feel myself changing, in more ways that one.

Tonight’s post is a short one, friends, for I am sleepy and headed to bed.  Perhaps some Bob Ross while I drift off…his happy clouds are the best sleep companions.